New leader in charge to meet with relevant groups this week

Lee McNally, new Leader-in-Charge, will meet with KYC Staff on Monday at 7pm; with Volunteers on Tuesday at 6.45pm; and with Senior Members on Wednesday at 7pm. We realise this is short notice so if you can’t make any particular night feel free to come on a different night. If you can’t make any of the three nights then come when you can. With the bright nights for May, June, July and August it has been suggested that opening hours/days may change during these four months, think about this before you come. Also any activities you think could be added in during these four months.

Next Saturday 27th, ‘Its a Knockout’ in Atticall for aged 13+.

Kingdom Youth Club Presentation Night is on Thursday 6th June. 

I don’t have everyone’s email contact so spread the word about all this.

Notice Board

Friday 26 August

8.30pm Senior Member Activities (aged 13+).


Monday 29 August

11am Men’s Shed; 9pm Lotto


Tuesday 30 August

6pm Irish Dancing